#TheFollowing Season Finale

Tonight was the season finale of Fox’s The Following. If you have not watched this show or if you haven’t seen the final episode, you may not want to continue reading unless you are a fan of spoilers or just don’t care.

Last episode left everyone guessing on how the finale would play out. FBI Agent Debra Parker was being buried alive. Claire was being taken by Joe to an unknown location on a boat. The FBI was just getting over the recent attack on the community center.

The first half of the finale focused on Agent Parker. After getting a lead on her position from local police, FBI Agent Mike Weston narrowly avoids getting sniped by one of Joe’s followers. FBI Agent Ryan Hardy manages to disarm the sniper before more people were shot. After a brutal questioning of the sniper by Agent Hardy and Agent Weston, they found Agent Parker’s location. Unfortunately, they were too late. Agent Hardy found Joe’s novel in the coffin, and went alone to the location listed next in the novel.

Agent Hardy eventually ends up with Joe and Claire, after getting knocked unconscious. Ryan goes at Joe with a list of demoralizing words to describe his failures. Noticing a chance to disarm Joe, Ryan lunges into Joe knocking him into the wall. It gave him enough time to grab a gun and chase after Joe, who fled. The chase went to a lighthouse where a struggle between Ryan and Joe occurred. Ryan fired shots at a barrel of gasoline, which ignited. Joe was pushed into the middle of the room, and got surrounded by fire. Ryan manages to get out of the lighthouse before it exploded. Joe was later confirmed dead.

Ryan decides to take Claire back to his apartment before travelling to DC for a press conference the next day. There, Ryan’s ex-girlfriend, Molly, was there to finish him off. She stabbed him in the stomach. Claire, coming out of the shower, sees that he’s been stabbed and rushes toward him. Molly stabs Claire in the back. The episode ends with Ryan screaming.

That was an intense episode that turned out to be thrilling. The episode was not a complete cliché ending where good wins out. This made the show unpredictable. The ending threw me for a spin, because I forgot all about Molly’s plans which surfaced earlier in the season. Overall, I enjoyed this season, and I am definitely interested to see how Season 2 continues the story.

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